ramps & pasta goodness

This is another dish that I have been making obsessively lately. Partially because it is seasonal and the ingredients won’t be around for very long.

People around here freak out over ramps (wild leeks for those of you that don’t get them in your area) and for a while I was ignoring the hype. One day, I decided to give them a try and understood the reason behind the frenzy. They are really good! The leaves are so sweet and the bulb adds a lovely subtle flavor that marries very well with some green garlic.

Just a little prep and you have a tasty pasta dish!

* 4-5 ramps, cleaned*
* 3-4 stalks green garlic
* olive oil
* crushed red pepper flakes
* pasta
* salt
* finely shaved parmesan cheese

Start by adding water to a medium sized pot to cook the pasta. Bring to a boil and salt the water before adding pasta.
Meanwhile, while waiting for the pasta water to boil, clean the ramps and green garlic.
Cut the leaves off the ramps and set aside. Chop the bulb and the reddish stalk.
Take the green garlic and chop up the bulb. If so desired, chop the greens and if your roots are healthy you can lightly chop them and add them as well.
When your pasta is *almost* al dente, add olive oil to a skillet with some red pepper flakes and turn on a medium heat. Add the chopped garlic and ramps and sauté for about a minute.
Meanwhile, the pasta should be done so before you drain, take a bit of pasta water and reserve that. Drain pasta and add to the skillet.
Add ramp leaves and pour a small amount of reserved pasta water on top to help get them wilting. Stir for about a minute. They should wilt pretty quickly.
At this point, you can add some finely shaved parmesan cheese and toss for a few seconds more before removing from heat. Add a bit of salt if needed.
There you go – a quick and simple way to enjoy some seasonal goodness!

*To clean ramps, rinse off under cold water. There may be a (slimy) outer skin and just rub that down to the root or peel it off and discard. Cut root off and discard.


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